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Johnston’s Chiropodists & Podiatrists Luton | HISTORY 

The practice has been in existence in Luton for over 100 years and staffed by four generations of chiropodists in the same family.  
The building was built in 1888; it became not just the family business premises but also the family home. 
Great grandfather, Sidney, started the practice in 1907. He and his wife completed a three month chiropody training course in London. 
In 1920, their daughter Ethel, attended the now extended year chiropody course. After graduation she took over the practice. 
In turn 1950 saw her daughter, Danae, also join the practice having recently qualified from the now two year course at the London Foot Hospital. 
1960 saw Danae’s husband, David, sell his chiropody practice in Edgeware, Middlesex and take over the running of the Luton practice. Meanwhile Ethel retired and Robyn (present owner) was born. Danae and David continued to work the practice with the newly qualified Robyn joining them in 1981. The course at the London Foot Hospital was of three years duration and the qualification had become equivalent to a degree. 
Danae and David retired in 1996 and since then Robyn has taken over the family practice with several associates working alongside her. 

Robyn Johnston 

I had always wanted to follow in the family footsteps; I suppose it must be in my blood being fourth generation and having lived in and around Luton all my life! After completing my A levels I trained at the prestigious London Foot Hospital (sadly no longer in existence), qualifying in 1981 after the full time three year course. On graduation I was presented with the annual Hinders Lesley Award for Best Student. I also gained the SURGERY PRIZE. 
I immediately joined the family practice part time also working for the local Luton health care trust in clinics and residential homes. I also provided commercial sessions for M&S, Sainsbury’s, UB Chilled Food & Debenhams. Since 1996 on my parents’ retirement I have devoted myself exclusively to the practice working alongside five other associates, our resident Physiotherapist and our resident Reflexologist. 
I strive to give our clients the best service possible not only in respect of foot care but also good value for money and overall experience. 
During January 2011 we moved downstairs from our original location on the top two floors to the lower two floors (street level). This had previously been occupied by Brown & White opticians (now relocated in the Luton Mall). 
This gave us the exciting opportunity to improve our facilities including access for clients, comfortable reception area, shop front and to offer an ever increasing variety of merchandise to purchase. 
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