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Johnston's Chiropodists & Podiatrist Luton Consultation 

What happens at the consultation? 
This usually takes 30 minutes – Your podiatrist will take your medical history and inspect your feet. They will discuss your foot problem and advise on this and any other conditions that have been identified. Treatment will be commenced if appropriate. 
Your toenails will be trimmed and any hard skin removed. 
Most people find that the treatment is pleasant and they feel more comfortable and relaxed as a result. 
Even if your feet are in a good condition it is advisable to have an annual check up and medical pedicure and benefit from the advice from a Podiatrist in respect of your foot health and foot wear. 
Some common conditions we treat: 
Corns & Calluses 
Fungal infections – Athletes foot 
Smelly feet 
Thick & Fungal nails 
Ingrowing toe nails 
Plantar fasciitis 
Morton’s neuroma 
Foot & Leg pains 
Services we provide: 
Toe Nail cutting and filing 
Medical pedicure 
Diabetic foot care 
Prescription of orthotics and insoles 
Biomechanical assessment 
Nail surgery 
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