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Useful information: 

Do I need a doctors referral? 
No, but a Doctor may refer you for treatment. 
Will my private heath insurance cover me for treatment? 
Some firms such as Simply Health will pay half of the treatment cost. (see link) 
Do I need to make an appointment? 
Yes but we would normally be able to offer an appointment within a few days subject 
to your availability. 
How are your instruments cleaned prior to use. 
They are manually cleaned then autoclaved (sterilised by heat & pressure) using our up to date equipment. 
What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist? 
None at all, Podiatrist is the more modern name. 
Is a foot health practitioner a podiatrist or a chiropodist? 
No! For more information go to www.podiatrypages.co.uk/faq.htm 
What do the letters that Podiatrists use mean?  
DPodM or BSc (Podiatry) - This signifies that the Podiatrist has completed a full training course in podiatry at an approved institution. Originally this course was a diploma in podiatric medicine - DPodM but was later changed to a degree course - BSc. NB:DipPodMed is not the same as DPodM. 
SRCh - State Registered Chiropodist. Since July the 9th 2003 this title is defunct though is likely to be used by many Podiatrists for the time being as it may still be expected by the general public as a sign that the Podiatrist is fully qualified. The current form of registration with the state is given by the new Health Professions Council (more information go to above link) 
MChS or FChS - This means that the Podiatrist is a member or fellow of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. A practicing member of this society is assured of having professional indemnity insurance cover. 
Some Podiatrists may have other letters after their name that signify further qualifications, for example F.C.Pod(S) for surgery but the above letters are important to know when seeking treatment for the majority of ailments. 
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