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We are pleased to announce that as from January 1st 2016 Luke McCarthy has joined the team at the practice as podiatrist. However Luke specializes in Bio Mechanical Orthotics both assessment and production including sports Injuries. 
I’m pleased to say that as of the New Year 2016 I will be taking on the position of biomechanics and sports injury lead. Sport has always been a big part of my life, having previously represented England as an international ski racer. Footwear is a crucial part of any athletes equipment, not only determining comfort but also performance. Orthoses (insoles) help breach the gap between feet and footwear to improve user interaction and function. This link sparked my interest in lower limb biomechanics and orthotic design. 
Last year I attended the London marathon as a part of the medical team, and I regularly help treat patients from various sporting and non-sporting backgrounds. Common complaints that I hear in clinic are that of: heel, forefoot, calf, shin, knee and lower back pain. These can often be due to soft tissue and bony abnormalities, of which insoles and stretching/strengthening regimes can help relieve; they may also be due to neurological or vascular implications of which I can advise upon. 
Various methods exist for insole construction; this greatly depends on the patient’s requirements and the problem at hand. One method is via the Sidas thermo-fit system, this method includes taking a semi weighted mould of the foot within a vacuum controlled silicon case. The foot is placed in specific position and the mould taken is used to build the base of the desired insole.  
The multi-layered construction allows for the inclusion of various props and wedges to be added to the insoles from within a lab. This method of design allows the practitioner to alter gait patterns and loading pressures whilst maintaining a high level of comfortability for the user. Currently I have ten years of experience making insoles, not only for the people that I have seen directly, but also within Labs making prescription insoles for other practitioners. 
As well as lower limb biomechanics, I also hold rights to use local anaesthetics and prescription only medication; this enables me to treat a wide range of foot related conditions inclusive of ingrown nails, corns and various other complications. 
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